v shaw sculpture | mentors

Many mentors including Patrick Horsley, Linda Rosenus, Bob James, and particularly George Kokis have blessed the artist's adventures in clay. Victoria's voice describes them best:

George guides with a very gentle hand, through simple touch of the clay. In groups he would round us up, and we would work into the night (sometimes by candlelight) in a collective creativity of large clay forms spanning one table to another. These temporary forms stood to remind us of the connections that are possible when we risk touching the clay with abandon and love, and when we are willing to let go, allowing the clay to open our hearts. We learned to refrain from judging ourselves, and the creative currents would rise within us. Moreover, George Kokis reminded me in graduate school to have fun; he reminded me to be open to outcome and not attached to it; to trust by being comfortable with uncertainty; to make marks and images from an inner place and to especially dance with the clay. It is with this spirit that I work in order to be an encouraging and kind teacher in the tradition of my mentors. Thank you George.

Thank you Patrick, who enkindled my first love of clay and taught me to be open with knowledge. Thank you Linda, who taught me to believe that a woman can be dynamic, fearless, and creative.

Thank you Bob, who lit an inner fire that led me to the path of content and meaning.

Victoria Shaw currently teaches in Portland, Oregon at the Multnomah Arts Center, Portland Community College, as well as at the Glen and Viola Cultural Center, Hillsboro, Oregon.